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We were born in the North, a land of welcome, of great joy and good mood. These are our roots that serve as the basis for this project.

AltaVista is more than a space, it is something that we can feel when entering through that green gate.

We intend to be a dynamic space, where everything has a place and where we all have a place, thus escaping the shelves that a more advanced and technological society wants to put us in; here are people of skin and bone, yes! There is no time or space to classify them, just to chat, listen to music and enjoy life, no time for classifications.

We are a family owned and operated business.

This is a space for escape from a world that spins at a speed that surpasses us and that forces us to stop many times in order to understand our path.

Here, we have several events to stir the rest of the time we live in the quiet of good music and friends around a table, tasting a drink with some snacks to accompany, making conversations flow for hours that pass in seconds.

In our Casa de Turismo Rural, you can escape the serre of everyday life, take refuge in nature, walk around the mountain, see wild horses or just sit on top of a boulder watching the sun fall over the sea or over the River lime.

We want to be a AltoMinho Living Room, so we count on all of you and your visit.

We are a family owned and operated business.

A big hug to everyone,

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O lema este ano é :

Se a nossa vida fosse uma

Banda Desenhada, que fazias?

how to get AltaVista Villa?

R. de Carreiras, 1441

Vitorino dos Piães 

4990-820 Ponte de Lima

Contact: 00351 93 85 39 330


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