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our living room

The new project wants to show the world what Portugal is like with a very complete Vinho Verde wine cellar and to show Portugal the best in the world with a wide selection of beers and wines from around the world.

A cultural space with various events such as concerts, book presentations, Poem recitation, Wine Tasting, Documentary passing or thematic events.

A sua Sala de estar.



AltaVista aims above all to be a cultural space, creating a new dynamic in the rural world, bringing culture to the villages, we hold several events such as concerts, book presentations, poem recitations, wine tastings, documentary shows or thematic events.

We like to relax pre-made ideas, so we try to make each event unique and involving all people

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AltaVista Villa

This is our first project, which aims to be a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a place where we can find our peace, with all the comforts of a modern house, this house can be simple and through its stone walls with Com 1 meter wide, leaving for other times, we can see wild horses 10 minutes from home, overlooking the sea of Viana do Castelo or the River of Ponte de Lima, all with incredible views of Braga through the glass that will be your best television during your vacation.

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AltaVista Sala de estar and AltaVista Villa, located 3 km from each other, are distinct and complementary projects, at the same time in the center of northern Por


About Us :)

We are all different, but with great pride in being from northern Portugal, but specifically from Minho, we walk with the flags of joy, good food and our Vinho Verde.

In addition to the tourist house, you can visit our restaurant area at three kilometers, with various wines, snacks and sometimes with live music, the AltaVista :: LivingRoom.

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